Newcastle Brown Ale 4,7% 24 x 330ml

7.92 L / Newcastle Brown Ale

I lager

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A true classic in the beer world, Newcastle Brown Ale is loved for its distinctive taste and authentic English charm. Now you can enjoy this iconic beer in a practical pack of 24 cans of 330 ml each.
Product information:
Alcohol %: 4.7%
Contents: 24 x 330 ml cans
Country: England, United Kingdom
Type: Brown Ale
Ideal for: Beer enthusiasts who appreciate a round, nutty flavor with a hint of caramel.
Newcastle Brown Ale is known for its full-bodied and distinctive flavor profile. This beautiful brown ale presents itself with a deep mahogany color and a subtle aroma of nuts and caramel.
The taste of the beer is a pleasant mixture of sweetness and slight bitterness. The nutty character is predominant and is accompanied by notes of caramel and a well-balanced malt base. It all culminates in a smooth and rich aftertaste.
Newcastle Brown Ale is a versatile beer that goes perfectly with everything from traditional English dishes such as fish and chips to grilled dishes and spicy food. It is also ideal for those who want to explore the unique flavor nuances that a brown ale has to offer.
With 24 cans in this handy pack, you're ready to invite friends and family to a truly British beer experience. So let yourself be seduced by Newcastle Brown Ale and enjoy moments full of conviviality and good conversation.
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